Thursday, October 29, 2009

mercury rev- in a funny way

they're the flaming lips for the more adventurous!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

flaming lips- i can be a frog

the new album is mind expanding.

and this is the best video i've ever seen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

michael gira- god damn the sun

if you don't know, or don't like, michael gira or the swans you're an asshole. and you have no taste or sense of what real art is. fuck you. i hope you die.

bob dylan- don't think twice, it's alright

i ain't sayin' you treated me unkind
you coulda done better but i don't mind
you just kinda wasted my precious time
but don't think twice, it's alright

elvis costello- watch your step

'back slapping drinkers cheer the heavyweight brawl
so punch drunk they don't understand at all'

i've always loved that line. it describes a certain type of guy we all know. remind you of anyone?

Friday, October 16, 2009

glen tilbrook- up the junction

alone here in the kitchen, i feel there's something missing.

that's what it feels like when you lose everything.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lou barlow- goodnight unknown (a review in real time)

the sky never brightens, but the sky never falls. it just hovers. it's not of this world, y'know? it's a container. it protects us from whatever the fuck it is that is 'out there'.
there is a god, i believe. and he's just grown bored with us. wouldn't you?
i am obsessed right now. with nothing in particular. just an abstract idea of something i thought might be love. but that is harder to believe in then god. i have no proof that god doesn't exist. but love? well. i'm an empirical kinda guy.

lou barlow is back. i'm listening to his new album while i ramble on. i believe music can save me. i can count on it. which is alot more than i can say for...for....ugh, i don't wanna keep doing this.

i'm not alone often. but when i am it's glorious! i am on my bed now, just listening and dreaming. it's heavenly. i recently read a book by chuck klosterman. there is a line in it that says something like, 'i don't see the difference between romance and solitude'. that really struck me. cuz i've always thought i was a romantic. but i think i might just be a misery junkie. and, y'know, junkies seek out other junkies.

but that line got me thinking. i only feel truly peaceful when i'm alone with my music. and if i have to be brutally honest, it may be the only time i feel true happiness. without any underlying neurosis. just purely, honestly happy.

i spent the last year with someone i really adored. just an amazing, but incredibly complicated woman. and i never really relaxed with her, y'know? cuz i knew it was temporary and i wasn't the person she really wanted to be with. and that's ok. you can't help how you feel. but i had moments of incredible excitement with her, and i love her dearly. BUT, i had a moment at work the other day. i was cooking some bullshit that comes out of a plastic bag. 'crimson and clover' came on. tommy james version. which is one of my favorite song. i went to the bathroom so i could just listen to it. and for 2 minutes i was gone. i strummed along on my imaginary gibson. i'm sure i was smiling. it was just perfect. and i felt so fucking happy. happier than any person has ever made me. i don't mean that as a dig. it's just the only thing that works. am i sick? or is this ok? romance and solitude, y'know. i felt less alone in that bathroom than i've felt in years.

so yeah, this barlow album is really good. i mean it's no 'sebadoh 3' and theres no 'truly great thing' ( which,for you couples in love, (sorry about that, i weep for your future) is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written ( won't last...)) but it's really solid. you should buy it. it's better than coldplay or whatever the fuck you idiots listen to.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

neil young- helpless

my mood today.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

wilco- via chicago

sometimes it's ok. strings reverberate. the trees sway in perfect rhythm with my heart.
this is a slightly sad feeling, but i feel comfortable here. it's close to home. these swaying trees, these whining strings, this unnamed sadness.
then things explode.
my eyes pop, and my pulse quickens.
i can control this. i am master of my emotions.
for a time i am home again.
i am a traveler. i have my backpack ready. today is portland. tomorow may be louisville, or big sur, or toronto, or philidelphia, or raleigh.
the hub will be chicago.
my eyes will explode along the way, i'm sure. it is a constant battle.
but it will ease as i get farther away. like descending from a mountain.
and the farther i get away from home,
the closer i will be to it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


(in my best david byrne preacher voice) behold the son of daniel! his heavenly children! some worship beauty, not understanding it's meaning. beauty is the reminder of death! time belongs to the devil. we are consumed with time. we watch the clock, we wait for something to happen. we watch beauty age and fade and turn into something unspeakably ugly. devil out!! the son of daniel holds you in his hands. even you! you junkies and flunkies! you salivators over dead squirrels bloated sun baked corpses! you one-eyed visionaries! you eaters of lilacs! you perusers of holy books! you simple, simple creatures. these books are from the devil. no truth is written. truth is observed, heard, for a moment, then drifts, scent like, into the vents. and you remember the smell, faintly, it lingers on your clothes, like the cigs you smoke. one...after...another.
repent. please, children, repent. kneel before danielson. than stand beside them. for they are not religion. they are love. and there is an ocean of tears between these things.